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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Me AGAIN today! ;)

Second post today! Whoa! I just wanted to share some really cool stuff...

Mike bought me the Twilight soundtrack today. It came out today! It's super good... been listening to it on and off all day... when I get sick of the news or noggin. LOL.

Here is my favorite song on the soundtrack: [again... you'll need to pause my music at the bottom of my blog. I know some of you don't like the music, but I do. ;) ]

I also signed up for a beginners knitting class that starts this Saturday! REALLY looking forward to that! I have wanted to knit for a *long* time!

Mike found something for me the other day...


My camera battery charger!!! Remember when I couldn't find it, and was going mad? LOL!!! I ended up buying a new one, so now I have 2! Cool.

Finished sewing FOUR camera strap slip covers for a giveaway coming up, and 2 were orders!

I even ordered my mom's birthday present this morning too! ha ha!

Anyway, totally random, but having a good day. :) And, if McCain wins.... that will be the cherry on top! We'll see SOOOOON!!!

What are YOU up to?



1 comment:

emily said...

ahhhh.........such a sad morning.

i won't dwell on the fact that i am very disapointed in this country and their decision...we'll move on.

k, just wanted to tell ya that i finally clicked 2 and 2 together...i didn't know you were the one that made the camera straps...i am trying to win one at the vintage pearl!! i love them...seriously! so cool that you do those!

and another thing...i am a twilight fanatic.
so, do you recomment the CD? i've heard bits and pieces of songs, and can't decide if i should buy it or not...
later friend!