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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dirty Tornado

I have been so busy here lately! Managing time is a tough one for me. But, I am learning. Albeit slowly. I will get the hang of it all... juggling kids, my business, husband, housework, dog, etc. Housework!!! Ahhhhh! That is what goes to the way side when my schedule begins filling faster than I can blink. Do not mistake this for a complaint, because I am in no way complaining. I love my life, which includes all things busy and crazy. Even if it means my house looks like the dirty tornado came through and left a wake of mass dirtiness in it's path. My husband, God Bless him. He must be going completely insane most of the time. But, he never complains. Even when the floor is covered in dog hair, dead grass, hot dog remnants, crumbs, and whatever else...

Someone emailed me last week and asked me "How do you do it all?" My response? "HA HA HA!" Don't be fooled people! My house is in complete dissaray most of the time. And, like I was saying, my husband... he is a saint. Never says a word. Just walks through the house [with shoes on] and acts like there is nothing wrong. All is clean in the house... well. Maybe I am pushing it. LOL! I love him. For many many reasons, but the biggest reason right this second is that he supports me. 100%. "Honey I want to sew and sell camera strap slip covers." "OK, babe. Sounds good!" OR "I want to get a spinning wheel and spin my own yarn." - "OK, well, not sure how you're going to have time to do it, but sounds good." He is my biggest supporter and cheers me on... No matter how outlandish my ideas are! OK, now, get that man in a cheerleader suit out of your head! That is definitely not where this is going. ;) LOL! I, of course, support him 100% in his endeavors too! Pretty much anything he wants to do, I respond the same way he responds to me. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

The other biggest reason I love him right this second is [not only is he the love of my life, the father of my beautiful girls and a great husband] but he doesn't complain to me when I don't dress fancy. Instead, half the time, he comes home and I am usually covered in food crumbs and pieces of thread. LOL! This must be quite a sight! And, he doesn't complain when our home is in schambles. Let's be honest, here. I don't let it get to that point of him complaining, because I am sure if I never cleaned, he would complain. The kids would complain, and the dog too! But, right now... it's to the complaining stage... he isn't complaing, but I am! I will rectify it before he gets home. ;)

I am sooo rambling!

Need proof? I can't believe I am doing this.... ha!


I am happy to announce that 90% of those dishes in the sink are DONE! :D


OK, that's it. Messy enough for me to want to scream.

On a completely different note, my husband took the girls grocery shopping yesterday so that I could go to the book store ALONE. It was fantastic! I got an iced Passion Tea and browsed the books. I didn't get any novels - since I have 3 to read already... but, I did pick up this book:


It's really good, and gives lots of great pointers!!

My mailman delivered some goodies to me in the mail today too!


Little bits of sneaks in there. ;)

OK! I MUST be off! I have LOTS and LOTS of sewing to do.... that's not to mention what I have to do that I talked about above!

Bye the way, how was your weekend?



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Awdrey said...

Oh,I love it! Makes me not feel as bad that my house is dirty too. Lets face it, that's life, although we all want people to think our house is always spotless. Hey, I just added you to my reader on my blog. I'm slowly trying to find blog buddies, because none of my friends really blog, and I LOVE IT! I actually have several blogs, but the one I was using so much is on my "business" site and would rather start blogging on a more personal family that is what I'm working on. It's still in the works, but slowly coming together. I would love it if you stopped by. My business blog is
and my new blog that I'm just starting out is (which is the one I added you to.)


Denissa said...

Oh, I'm SO right there w/ you!! You need to check out my post today! :)
What a great hubbie you have! That is awesome that he is so supportive. I've had to tell myself that the laundry and dishes will ALWAYS be there..