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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Thank you so much for all the comments in regards to Aurora!! :) I am excited to put her to some good spinning use!

I know a lot of you probably rolled your eyes or wondered what the heck I was thinking picking up another hobby. ha ha. Admit it. But, I love knitting, and I wanted to learn this art from the beginning. Or first step, you might say. I was intrigued when I would hold a skein of yarn in my hand - it made me wonder... how do they spin this? And the more and more I thought about it... the more and more I wanted to learn and eventually do. Now, here I am with a spinning wheel [ahem... I mean Aurora] and the other spinning wheel in my garage.

Plus, this is my biggest justification for learning... My husband wants to retire in Montana some day... I mean rural in the middle of no where Montana. I mean, your neighbors are 15 miles away or more Montana. I mean, I might not be able to have internet or cell service because it's so .... so ... Montana. LOL. Mike, I repeat.... internet is a must! I must be able to at least order off the internet. I'm just saying...

So, anyway. I figured that I might as well learn to spin now... so by the time we move to "so far from anyone the birds will be my best friends"... I mean, Montana... at least then I will be an "expert" spinner. Yes, I am rambling. So I will get to the point. My husband wants to live in super rural Montana, and "work the land". Well, my working the land will be contributed by taking care of the Alpacas and the sheep and the angora rabbits/goats - and horses of course! So, rural Montana, you haven't seen nuttin yet! See you in 20 years! ;) HA HA HA!!!

Did I really just try to justify my learning a new hobby by thinking of our future? Our FAR future? Well, yes. Yes I did.



P.S. Please don't get me wrong... I want to move to Montana! Seriously I do! I have never even been there, but I KNOW I will love it. Especially if there's internet and horses - oh and Alpacas. ;)


Midwest Mommy said...

Your husband sounds like my husband :-)

Blissful Babe said...

Oh my word.
You HAVE to have internet.
But yes, you will need something to do with all that wool. ;)

Jennifer said...

My brother in law would
DIE for an Alpaca farm, so consider yourself lucky. indeed. HAHA!

Our husbands sound alike. If it was up to him, we'd be in the sticks somewhere.


Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

Hi there! Saw your sits giveaway, grabbed your blog link off your etsy shop, and popped over to say hellp! I love fabric, I am an addict!
Nive to meet you!