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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Better late than never, I suppose...

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I am always late.
Well, most of the time.
I think I make it on time to anything about 1% of
the time.  I am known for this.
It gets to the point that my husband will
tell me that we have to be somewhere
and when  I ask what time, he tells me a time
that's at least 30 minutes earlier than
it truly is.  LOL!  My husband's cool like that.
He knows me all too well.
And in a way, I do totally appreciate
that he does say a little fib to get our butts out
of the house on time.  Because, he is ALWAYS on time.

Anyway.  More on my husband later... I will be writing
a whole post about nothing but him and I soon.
Why?  Because our 8 year wedding anniversary is
Monday the 16th.  :)

Anyway.  The point of me telling you about how
late I always am is because I am just now
posting the pictures I took when my kids
went trick or treating on Halloween.
I know.  Laugh.  Get it out.  It's ok.



I braided Angelina's hair on Halloween day morning...
I think there was like 3,429,492 braids on her head.
OK. Maybe not.  But at least 50.
But I knew what effect it would have on her fairy hair...
I think it worked-






And... our pumpkins...



Mike and Zoe's


And mine...


I know.  Mine is so creepy, right?  ha!  I like classy better.  ;)

OK.  Now I feel better.  I have now shared my Halloween pictures.
Well... I did share some if you recall...
but these were the actual night. 
Speaking of, does anyone else think Halloween
is an evil holiday?  And No.  I don't mean
evil like the devil or whatever.
I mean evil because all the darn candy
that sits in the house just staring at you
taunting, and calling your name.
Making you give in more times that you wish you had.
I don't think I am alone in this thought.


OK, moving on to other things...
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Also, head on over to Bringing Up Burns...
She asked me to do an interview
I do.  Then she made me
cry, cuz she is just so stinkin' sweet!
I am super thankful for this girl.
Just one of many others I am
glad I "met" on Twitter.

And, I am Thankful for all of YOU!
Thank you for stopping by my place.
You mean a lot to me!


Celeste said...

The girls' costume are fab!! Love them! {and, what can I say about that 'Hong Kong pettiskirt'? ;) love.}

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Cute pics!

Needled Mom said...

Cute Halloween shots!!! Yes, evil in the chocolate way, for sure!

chefamily said...

Amazing pics! Love the costumes! And yes, Halloween is E.V.I.L for the candy! haha