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Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Review - Hourglass

By: Claudia Gray


  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • Release Date March 9, 2010
  • Language: English


As with Gone [scroll down], I will not be doing a summary.
Hourglass is the 3rd book in the Evernight series.
I do not want to ruin anything for anyone.

OK, I changed my mind.  I will do a summary, but I will not say anything about Hourglass in my summary, but I will give you a small summary about the characters themselves.  It will be very vague like I was reviewing the first book in this series, Evernight.

Bianca is the main character.  She often feels like an outsider.  In the first book, you learn why she feels this way.  And in a shocking way I might add.  :)

Lucas soon becomes another main character.  Like Bianca, he also feels like an outsider, but he prefers it that way.  He and Bianca end up falling in love.  But Lucas is hiding something that is potentially devastating.

Balthazar is also in love with Bianca.  He is handsome, intelligent and caring.  At times Bianca thinks she should be with Balthazar, but would he be the best choice for her?

Raquel is Bianca's best friend and roommate at Evernight Academy.  But, Raquel has yet to learn the biggest secret of all.

I will give you my thoughts as I did with Gone.



My Thoughts:

As I said, Hourglass is the 3rd book in the Evernight series.
If you haven't read the Evernight Series, you need to.
I loved the series quite a bit.
I think you will too.

I read Hourglass in a day and a half.  It drew me in right away.  There was so much action in this book, which made it hard to put down.  This book was constant.  There was always something happening, which I loved!  So much more is learned about Bianca.  So if you have read the first 2 in the series, just wait!  You will learn a lot more in Hourglass!

There is so much I want to say, but I can't.  :o(  Sorry guys!  Like I said, there will be no spoilers.  I hate spoilers, therefore I will not give them.

Bianca's character becomes more evolved due to everything she goes through in Hourglass.  And man does she go through a lot!
Lucas is with her throughout this book as are Balthazar, Raquel, and so many others from the first 2 books.

I have to admit... I was very surprised at the turn this book took!  But, with that turn came answers.  So many answers that were left unanswered.  But, it leaves you with a cliffhanger!  So there are still so many questions I am dying to have answered in the next book as well!  I can't wait until the 4th book comes out!!

I love Balthazar.  He is so caring, and always there for Bianca when she might need him.  His love for her is evident, but he never lets it get between them, which I love as well.  He is just an all around good guy.

Raquel... hmmm.  I have mixed feelings about her.  That's all I will say.

Sometimes I wish Lucas would GET A CLUE.  He is one of my favorites too, though.  His love for Bianca is completely romantic, as well as unconditional.  He is much manlier than Edward from Twilight.  ;)  To be frank, Lucas as well as Balthazar are badasses.  Excuse my language, but it's true.  LOL!

Now.... go out and get Evernight and StargazerHourglass comes out in March!

I give Hourglass 4 our of 5 stars!


Sheree said...

possible book club choice?

CindyML said...

my daughter wants to know how the heck you got this book when it is not due out until March? She loves this series and re-reads them all the time!! cindyml