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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon, Some Wedding Pics, and more!

Hey everyone!
Hope you are having a swell day thus far.

I am.
But I am super tired!
I went with some NEW awesome
friends last night [this morning] to see the 12:20am
premiere of New Moon.

Lots of people have commented that they want
me to write a review right away about the
movie... so, here I am.  Just for you.

But first...
Thanks so much for
all the nice comments about
my latest camera strap slipcover!!
You all are so nice!  I love you!  :)

So... here is another - NEW camera strap slipcover design...
The Ruffle Trio!  What do you think?


Adding ruffles has made these even more unique!
It's amazing what a little more girlie adds.  ;)

Edited to add:  If you need your camera strap slipcover by Christmas,
ALL orders Must be placed no later than Dec. 12th!


I can be a total editing slacker.
I mean.  Do you know how many pictures I took
at my brother's wedding?  About 1,000.
Oye that's a lot!

Anyway... here are more!





This is my brother and my mom.
They are totally the same when it comes
to being totally crazy goof offs.
They will make you laugh your butt off.
Seriously.  Funny.
But.  You'd never know it from this picture...


You'll just have to trust me.  :)

And here is my brother, my mom and my dad...


My dad is so handsome.
Don't you think so?
Love you dad!!

And, here are the rings.  I could decide which one I liked best...



I still have about 450 to edit.
Now my head is starting to hurt thinking about it.
I just have so much to do!

Oh, and here are these again.
Of my girls.
Because I LOVE these pictures...



I know, I'm a freak.
Moving on.

Ok, sorry.  If you've made it this far, Congratulations!
I tend to get off track very easily.
Sometimes I just have so much to say.
Well... so much I think I need to say... see here I go getting off track AGAIN!

OK!  New Moon!


So, I went with some new friends!  I had never
met these friends before last night!
I knew them on Twitter and from talking on the phone.
It was so fantastic to meet them in person.

Denise... she is awesome. In fact, she makes fantastic beaded
jewelry!  I just bought some for someone...
And I was so excited to open the package and see
them for myself!  GORGEOUS!
Can't wait to give them to that someone.  ;)
Check out Denise's shop here.

Then I met Julie.  She is awesome too.
So much fun!!  She kept me laughing.

Thanks ladies for going!
You made it even more fun!

Let's talk New Moon...
No spoilers.  Promise.

I will say this...
And, that's saying a lot, since I REALLY REALLY
didn't like Twilight the movie.

But I liked New Moon the movie so much...
in fact for the first time EVER... I like a movie
more than I liked the book!
Crazy, I know.

Also... I truly felt sorry for Jacob.
That never happened before.
I got teared up in several parts where Jacob
was involved.  He's just so cute and loveable
in the movie.  Whereas in the book, he was incredibly

Big BIG thing... Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
were SO much better at acting in this movie!
There were a couple parts where it was cheesy...
but it was nothing like Twilight.

Oh, and the wolves!  THE WOLVES!
They added an incredible goodness to this movie.


New Moon was so much better than Twilight
that I would actually go see it in the theatre again!

Edited to add... THE ENDING ROCKED!

Go see it.
Come back here... tell me what
you thought!

Also... go HERE to enter to win another
camera strap slipcover...
you might flip at which one
I am giving away.  :)

Today is the deadline to join
the Ornament Exchange!!
Click HERE to join.

I'll be back with more!  Right now I have a quilt to sew!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Had a fabulous time, enjoyed your company, LOVED the movie, can't wait for Eclipse in June, your photos are lovely, your kids adorable, so glad you like to baubles and LOVE your Fun, Funky Ruffle Camera Straps!

Ashley said...

LOVE the Ruffled Trio Disco Dot Camera Strap Slipcover. I hope I win it from The Vintage Pearl!

especially delicious said...

I just visited The Vintage Pearl for your camera strap giveaway. I'm totally loving the Pom Pom Flourish!

Nancy Mitchell Photography said...

Hi there from OHIO...that's right, GO BUCKS! Love the new straps...

Tutu said...

I'm taking my girls to see New Moon Sunday (when tickets are $5!!). I was excited before, but your review has me super pumped! I didn't love Twilight either. You have given me hope that New Moon will ROCK!

Party of Five said...

I love your camera straps! Going to see the movie tonight - can't wait!

JennyB said...

Love your Pom Pom flourish camera strap! Can't wait to see New Moon either!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the ruffles, but I think my favorite is still "French Girlie Wallpaper". Great stuff. Cheers.

Melissa said...

Oh, how I love that Ruffled Black and White Damask! You're killing me over here!

Ashley said...

This is my favorite camera strap ever!

BlackCatMima said...

I saw New Moon at midnight last night too - and LOVED it! While I didn't hate the Twilight film as much as some, I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't better. Some things I enjoyed but the film as a whole was just lacking...
New Moon is like 100 times better! I had a really hard time getting through the book when I read it, it just dragged for me and I wanted to slap Bella on like every page.
I have always liked Jacob. I've always seen the big lovable goofy dog side of him in the books. He didn't bug me until Breaking Dawn where.... ewwww. But I blame Stephenie Meyer for that. That book is a hot mess...
But back to the film - I LOVED the wolves, the acting was so much better, Taylor Lautner totally impressed me. I liked the ending and can't wait for Eclipse!
I wish we'd seen more of the Cullens - especially at the end, I really like them and think the casting there is so good. I'm so glad they'll have bigger parts in the coming films.
Same for the Voluturri - can't wait to see more of them. They totally creeped me out! And OMG Dakota Fanning - I've been a huge fan of her forever, but wow wow wow I can't wait to see more Jane!

Plain Jane said...

I am new to your blog and love it. Your camera straps are to die for and they are definately on my x-mas list now. My favorite has to be the one that is pictured on The Vintage Pearl, the black & white Damask with the green & white polka dots. I am not sure if I can wait to see if I win with the giveaway or x-mas for that matter, so it may be an early x-mas gift to me from me!

Love all your stuff, glad I found your blog!

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Great Blog! I found you thru the Vintage Pearl's Blog. You're most definitely saved as a fave of mine. Thanks for the New Moon review. We have tix for the 5:20 show tonight! So excited! LOVE the ruffly camera straps, great think on that one!

SM Anderson said...

Wow! Not only do you make great camera straps but you take great pictures! I found your website thru the vintage pearl. I absolutely love your new strap cover. My hubby gave me a camera last year for Christmas and the cover is just what I need to complete the look.

Carolyn said...

beautiful camera straps, I was introduced to your blog from the vintage pearl, love your photos on your blog too, awesome new edition to my reading list :)

Brittney said...

here from The Vintage Pearl - I love the Ruffled Black and White Damask :) :)

Jenna said...

Coming over to say hi after seeing your gorgeous camera straps at The Vintage Pearl. You're doing great work!

writtenbliss said...

Beautiful camera straps! (I'm here from the Vintage Pearl, too!)

shaina said...

so glad i found your blog and your camera straps. im loving the ruffles! so creative and cute.
you're in my blogreader for sure. :D

Michelle said...

these are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the movie too. Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

I cannot wait to see New Moon. Hubby will take me to see it sometime soon but I couldn't do at late night/early morning showing. I poop out too easily right now.

I absolutely love the ruffle camera straps. Your camera straps were cute before but with the ruffle, they might be too hard for me to resist. :) Great job!!

Jennifer said...

Wow--your pictures are as neat as your camera straps! I came over via The Vintage Pearl!

Mrs. said...

I saw your site while on the Vintage Pearl. Nice pictures, and nice camera straps!

Morgan said...

Love the straps!!

Julie said...

LOVE the ruffle trio! If you saw my aprons:
I love the petite ruffles! =) The ending... I won't say anything! I had fun too. It was great to finally meet you & Miss PolkaDotMoon! =)

Sarah. said...

...Enjoying the playlist...oh and I love the Ruffled Trio Disco Dot Camera Strap Slipcover. I'm so glad that the Vintage Pearl sent me your direction.

Kelly from Montana said...

love the ruffled trio disco dot cover - love the name too:)

jodi @ back40life said...

love the new ruffle-y straps...gorgeous!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

I am LOVING the new ruffled straps! Genius!

Bailey said...

Just found your blog from Joy's Hope!

Your mom is super cute in those wedding pics (which are fabulous, by the way). Also, the little (flower?) girl's eyes are gorgeous!

Chelle said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS wedding photos. Love them! And such a beautiful family!

Loving the ruffled camera strap covers!!! I'm so in love.

And I really want to go see New Moon. The previews looked sooo good.

Martin said...

Love the red disco dots ruffles - so cute!
Maybe I should also get my own aacount, so it doesn't say Martin says.... - not really his style!


Kristi said...

Hi!I was referred to you by Vintage Pearl! Your camera straps are cute! Love the Pink Girlie and the Black/White Damask w/Pink Minky! And the lens cap pockets are brilliant! I have a friend w/a big camera that would love these!

Inge said...

Like the ruffles, but I really love the Pom Pom Flourish strap. Would love to win one!

Whimsical Creations said...

Love the ruffles!

The wedding photos are beautiful. You have a lovely family.

I am glad you did the review. I want to see it, but the first one was annoying. The acting in the first one was way to cheesy. Glad to hear their acting has gotten better. I am looking forward to seeing it now.

Kymmie said...

I was at The Vintage Pearl and she said to check out your site! I LOVE IT!! And the camera strap is DIVINE!!! I really am enjoying your blog!! Please take a visit to my blog and SOON I will have my porcelain jewelry loaded and my earthenware dishware/platters - which are based on Nature! I will load them soon!

Debbie B said...

Love your red ruffle trio disco dot camera strap! I'm a sucker for almost anything red!

Kathy O. said...

Love the camera straps! Saw you on Vintage Pearl!

Paige said...

Love the camera straps! I would love to win the giveaway over at The Vintage Pearl to give as a gift to a friend! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog!

Jenna said...

Awesome photos!! I Loved New Moon the movie better than the book too!! I did NOT like twilight the movie...this was a much better improvement!!

Observer Of Life said...

Discovered you via Vintage Pearl... great blog, thanks. Love the wedding pics.

New Moon... would totally agree with your review... and I LOVED the ending too!!!


Celeste said...

Shea, the wedding pics are gorgeous!! I have the same problem: love taking the pics, but...editing them...ugh.

The McKays said...

these giveaways must always be SO fun because you make new friends! :) i love the newest wedding pics; you did a great job!

and i'm not sure i've ever thought this until now, but don't you think your mom resembles Sarah Palin? Esp. in these photos! Crazy. Your mama is beautiful! xoxo

anne said...

New Moon ROCKED...far cry from Twilight.
LOVE your new triple ruffle strap. I am going to order a strap...I just can't decide which one!! :)

anne said...

New Moon ROCKED...far cry from Twilight.
LOVE your new triple ruffle strap. I am going to order a strap...I just can't decide which one!! :)

luvinthemommyhood said...

I thought of you when I went on Friday night. I loved it too, and agree with you that the wolves were super cool! I almost got swayed from team edward to team jacob due to all the 6 pack hotness...almost. I enjoyed the film alot and didn't want it to end.
It kicked twilight's ass in the film dept for sure. Not so much cheese, and more likeness to the book. Let the countdown begin for june for the next one!

Salinda said...

i'm with you. new moon was so much better than the book! and I love ruffle camera strap!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Team Jacob!! Loved the movie, love the picture of Jacob's abs and love the ruffley camera straps!

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