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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday - Make It & Love It

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Today is our very first installment of Inspire Me Thursday!!
I am so excited about this new weekly
installment!  We all need inspiration, so,
who better than to feature all of you? 
If you'd like to be featured on Inspire Me Thursday,
please email me!  shealynn AT -
we'd love to have you!

I am so excited to be featuring Ashley
of Make it & Love it!!  I know I have mentioned
her blog several times, whether on here or on Twitter.
She is so incredibly talented!  It's so hard NOT to get inspired going to her
blog!  I have about 30 of her projects bookmarked as "to-do".

I know when you start looking at her blog you will love what you see!
Block out several hours of time, because you will not
want to stop looking through her blog.  Inspiration to boot!!

I asked Ashley to write a little "About Me" note to all
of you.  Here is what she had to say...

The Benner Daily Readers:

"I started sewing as a little girl with my know, the basic apron, pillow case, and curtain.  They were always funky, uneven, and quirky.....but that's how it all began.  Then after having little kiddos and working with a tight budget, I started making things that I saw in the store (clothing and crafts) but didn't have the money to splurge on.  I would look at something, figure out how they did it, and then give it a try at home.  I was completely shocked at first that I could produce something usable.  And it just went from there.  This is where the blog came about.  I loved what I was doing and wanted others to see that making new things wasn't so tough.  I started sharing secrets and giving examples of how to make something that may look way harder than it is.  I get such a rush from creating new things.....and an even bigger rush from hearing how others are finding my tips useful and have created their own collection of homemade crafts and apparel.  Love it!  And then when I figured out that you can use old clothes to make new clothes, I became completely addicted and immersed in my sewing projects.  Come on....making something ugly and ill-fitting, into something seriously adorable?  That's a great feeling.  And honestly, it doesn't take a great seamstress to create a great project.  Anyone can start with the basics and grow from there.  So perfect."

I know!  She is fantastic - And nice!  Oh she is so nice.

So, Ashley has been kind enough to share 4 of her "favorite" projects with us.
She told me it was so hard to choose.  ha ha!  I can only
imagine it was!!

I will post 1 picture from each of her tutorials.
The picture will show her finished product.
The link above the picture will take you directly
to the tutorial she created.

Here we go... Enjoy!


Re-Purposing Skirt/Leggings


Woman's Corsage Shirt


Trash Bag


Basic Stuffed Animals


Aren't her creations amazing?  I know!  So much to do just from her inspirations!!
Ashley not only has a rad blog... she also has an awesome
Etsy shop... Go to her Etsy shop now... you won't be sorry ya did!

I really hope you've enjoyed the first installment of "Inspire Me Thursday"!!
Make sure and leave some comment love on here letting Ashley know
how seriously cool she is.  ;)

ASHLEY:  Thank you SO much for letting us feature you!!
You're amazing and truly inspiring!


Jacky said...

Sweet! I'll definitely have to check out her projects. Thanks for sharing with us, Ashley and Shealynn! :)

Celeste said...

Ashley - I agree, you're seriously cool!

What great inspiration!!

TERRi :) said...

I started following her not long ago after you mentioned her. I LOVE HER BLOG! Her stuff is adorable!

Needled Mom said...

Definitely inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Love her! Love her 4 faves!!!

Julie said...

Yes NOW my to-make/sew-list just grew to 205! Thx so much! I do love her projects! =)