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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ornament Exchangers! Here Are Your Partners!!

Sorry this took me so long!

Here is everyone's partners...

Shealynn - Erin Burns
Julie Gm - Buggie and jellybean's mom
Chrystal - Sara
Marjori Miller - Katie Lynn
Tanja - Lindsey
Carol - Jessica
Anne S. - Kristin -woollypetals-
Carrie - Jennifer
Sheree - Robin
Heather @ All A Flutter - Tiffany @ Craving Creativity
Holly Stock - Denise Che
Jenny - Stephanie
Lorrie - Paige
Ashley - AnnOnandOn
Marci - Denise Nagle
Casey - Salinda
Jennifer - Amy C.
Marielle de Jong - Kristin @ Write it down
Monica - Deanne
Morgan - Heather S.
Barb - Pamela

I didn't hear from about half of you 
with your addresses and such, 
so this is why I am doing this the 
way I am doing it.
Now that you know who your partner is, 
please go to the original blog post 
I wrote where you signed up
by clicking here.
Find your partner.  Click on their name...
go to their blog and introduce yourself as their
The Benner Daily Ornament Exchange partner.

Get their email address, and address.

Now, ladies... start your crafting engines and 
make, or buy something awesome
for your partner!

I am expecting everyone to pull through
for each other, and send your ornaments.
There are a couple people on the list
that are overseas.  It is *not* expensive to send 
stuff overseas.  

I promise.
I do it all the time.  :)

Now have fun!

And!  Don't forget to upload the ornaments you
receive in our Flickr group!


I will be back later with a Thankful post!

For now it's back to sewing for me.


Julie said...

Whoohoo! Thx Miss Shealynn! I need to get my craft ON =)

Casey said...

yay! I already have my ornament made!

Amy H. said...

Awesome thanks so much!